August 28, 2011


Sixteen years ago, we ecstatically welcomed a baby boy into our family.
He was much anticipated by his parents, all his sisters and his one brother. Another little boy was exactly what we needed.

Caleb is one of those lucky people who are adorable when they're born...

Josh, Caleb, & I

...and just keeps getting cuter.

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of Caleb. He's one of those guys that, despite being so handsome, doesn't like his picture taken. He'd rather be off doing than in front of the cameraposing.

And how do I talk about him in just a few words? He's good at anything he does...and it just gets depressing after a while =)

He's disgustingly athletic (really, it's depressing), very determined (I've seen him working on his truck in the pouring rain), and he's amazing with little kids (which is more than I can say for myself).

He's never too busy to make me laugh, even if we're sitting in church, and he is extremely cute. You know, shouldn't it be illegal to have brothers that are so hot???

But seriously, Caleb is an amazing brother. I have been so blessed by his friendship for the past sixteen years, and I'm excited to see what his future holds!

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!


- happy birthday Caleb -

August 26, 2011

county fair

Well, we got to spend the afternoon at the fair last week...some little people had been looking forward to it all year long. Some bigger people, not so much =)

But we all had a good time.

First of all we saw this pirate with his incredibly well-trained birds. He was pretty cool...

so was his ship

Then it was on to the animal barns

Talk about exciting...who doesn't want to see chickens in cages???

I think this was the cutest duck I've ever seen

The pig barn was quite an experience...I don't think John knew what to think =)

this is kinda sweet and disturbing at the same time

And we braved one of the cow barns...
We actually skipped most of the animal barns...there were SO many.

And we're such animal people to begin with =)

But this almost enough to make me want to work on a dairy farm. Almost.

the mandatory sibling picture =)

you know how it is...despite the crowds, you find an empty spot and yell: "Quick guys, smile before anyone walks over here!!!" Oh wait, that's just us? Am I the only one who doesn't like an audience...?

The rides were the main attraction for two certain guys I know...

Except for the Ferris Wheel (coolest ride ever), I could really do without carnival rides.

But I didn't. I went on this...THE HAMMER...with Andrew.

Andrew loved it. Me...I'd rather not say.

There's something so thrilling about a giant slide.

If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.

And last of all, the amazing Ferris Wheel. Yes, I love this ride.

They were too cute

as always

As if we weren't already having enough fun, Dad bought us ice-cream cones.

And it was possibly the best cone I've ever had.

It was such a fun day...I'm so glad we made time to go. For the little guys =)