[things i love]

(edit 11.10.11)
...well, things I did love at one time. Because let's face it, my opinions have changed a lot. And this has become very outdated...

 I love listening to music. Especially when I should be asleep.

I love babies.

 I love romantic fiction. Set in the Civil War.

I love (store-bought) jewelry.

I love cute dresses.

I love getting letters.

I love road-trips. Especially to other states.

I love pink.

I love ice-cream. More than I should.

I love my sisters.

 And my niece.

I love airplanes. And airports. Alot.

I love water.

 I love my brothers. More than you would think.

I love birthdays.

I love heels.

I love making movies. Cheesy ones.

I love clouds. 

I love romance.

 I love hiking. In Yosemite.

I love journals. And reading how smart I thought I was way back then.