December 29, 2011

making jello

last week...making the jello was my job. 

But I had two helpers, and they ended up doing all the work for me :)

December 26, 2011

this christmas

i didn't take pictures, except for these from my phone. I was too busy enjoying the holiday to bother with a camera.

and it was probably the happiest christmas i can remember.

hanging out with your family, your brother's girlfriend, and your boyfriend...stuffing yourself full of amazing food, opening presents, and then playing a big game of apples to apples until you're too tired to stay awake...
it's a christmas eve I will always remember. 

December 23, 2011

christmas wrapping

wrapping presents the other night...

with carrot cake and ice-cream...

while listening to christmas music. And talking about everything girls talk about. 

i'm so excited! christmas is almost here!

December 22, 2011

crazy in cali

there's alot of pictures I'm gonna jump right in and start with some food shots. Because what is a trip without amazing food? :) 

fresh salsa...

for tacos 

the cookie queen

fruit jello

working her magic

i ate close to fifty of these babies...

off for adventures the next morning, armed with coffee for the firstborns and cocoa for the third borns :)

it's a third born thing

they were awesome models

the four of us

then off to find the :perfect: tree!

"Well, I'm not sure if this branch strikes my fancy..."

how many girls does it take to saw down a tree??? I guess three ;)


i have a thing for mistletoe right now :)

we were a little excited to have our own tree

and what's a drive without delicious food...

and drinks? :)

look at these I not lucky to have friends/sisters who look like models??

and not just gorgeous, but super sweet, funny, and stylish girls too.

yes, we did get tired of walking. 

i was thinking about someone.

back home, holding baby Abigail. So adorable!

now to deal with the tree...

"I think it comes off like this..."

"No, maybe like this..."

"Umm...guys, what are you doing??"

Once that was dealt with, we made more cookies.

like i really needed more temptation in the cookie department...

singing to Abigail

dinner that night was quite diverse

we made popcorn for stringing 

cutest little overseer

we really got into the christmas spirit :)

Apples to Apples had never been so fun ;)

ice-cream...with of the best ways to relax. Ever.

making a gingerbread house

quite an intense project. 

such a cute little house ;)

then we dressed up and went out for dinner. Which was this amazing pizza ^

and tortellini...

and drinks. So much fun.

the next morning was "Christmas Day" and we opened stockings...

and presents. We love Justin Bieber SO much. 

(if you think i'm serious, well...please think again)

and what's a trip to Cali without In-N-Out burgers? :)

We also went to the Sees candy store. Dangerous place.

But then we went ice-skating and worked some of the pudge off. 

don't worry...I gained it right back. 

Then we whipped out a music video. 

With no prep and a filming time of about 4 hours, it was our fastest ever.

we had the most amazing lead singer this time :)

and a pretty great support group too ;)

the "Editing Team" going a little crazy. The Team consists of Ana doing all the work, and me sitting next to her, texting my boyfriend and feeling completely lost watching how skilled she is. lol

Sparkling apple cider

Polka dot skirts to Chipotle. So tame compared with our old costumes ;)

Such a good burrito. 

Because what is driving without good music, turned up loud?

it was a wonderful trip.