January 31, 2012

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Sarah! 
Thinking of you especially today, and wishing you were here with us!

January 27, 2012

winter...wonderland? :)

We had an epic (for our area) snowfall last week...over two feet and to the point where we were actually snowed in. As in, couldn't leave the property. Couldn't drive anywhere. Couldn't see anyone

As a little girl I thought being snowed in would be an exciting adventure. 
But now I can tell you it's not all it's cracked up to be. Especially when being house-bound is suddenly the last thing you wanted :)

January 24, 2012

3:47 p.m.

more snow pictures coming soon :)

January 18, 2012

2011 recap

I know it's pretty late for this sort of post. But the quote better late than never comes to mind...and I figured I'd do it anyway. 

Hard to believe 2011 is over. It was a very full year for our family...the months were filled with extreme changes, and we went in some very unexpected directions.  
Since life is made up of small moments, the little things, most of these pictures won't seem very significant. 
But they were moments that meant something to us. 

Caleb played basketball during the winter quarter, and as usual, blew us away by his talent at the game.

February found us at Chuck.E.Cheese for a big birthday. Such a fun night :)

running in the snow can only mean one thing...Track Season has begun! 

Josh and I ran on the same team, and Josh's incredible skill at the sport was as amazing as usual. What can I say? My brothers are depressingly athletic :)

But setting aside what an amazing runner Josh is, track instigated one of the biggest changes in our family this year. Read on :)

meanwhile, I tried my hand at directing a music video. Despite the stellar performances of the actors, it never did get completed...

if you can't complete one, why not try another?
(I think I've learned my lesson. No more music videos for me...lol)

These guys are big readers :)


A little rain never hurt anyone...

And how can we forget the April Fool's joke? When we told everyone that one of my sisters was engaged...

and the other one had eloped to Scotland...I can't believe how crazy we were.

I think I can safely say that I may never need to pull an April Fool's joke again...even though I wasn't in any of the pictures, the fact that I was in charge of the whole prank is enough to make me embarrassed, to this day. 

More reading :)

So much good food around here...

Younger brothers.

And more younger brothers :)

How can they make an animated movie so romantic?

such a proud little driver :)

my gorgeous model sisters.

and more reading.

because chocolate is always a good idea.

Caleb doing the dirty work.

 jewelry for a bridal party. 

who doesn't like some guts in their sink?

catching frogs.

a girls only birthday trip. 

playing outside...wishing I had their energy ;)

how can you go wrong with strawberry shortcake?

Yes, I have a thing for tiny animals.

Best friends. Sometimes :)

A summer visit from our "California cousins" :) 

We had to revisit our tradition of crazy costumes...

And of course wearing tutus to the theater. You mean, no one else does that???

And something new...henna tattoos. So much time for such a big effect! 
Oh wait...it hardly showed when it dried...never mind. 

Always so competitive. 

Now why can't they always be as sweet as they look here? :)

just because I take pictures of my shoes doesn't mean I'm obsessed. I think...

Yes, he knows how to get what he wants. I think I could too if I had that face :)

going to a wedding. Talk about fun :)

My own phone :) How did I live without it? :)

and wishing it would be summer all year long...

Dress up. Their idea, not mine. 

Ultimate Frisbee. Which also proved to be more important than anyone could have guessed :)
Read on.

Ice cream. Need I say more?

We all had so much fun. Seriously :)


This is Julie, and she's adorable and sweet beyond words. The three of us were on the same track team...but Josh & Julie didn't stay just team-mates for long :) 

We were all thrilled to have a ten day visit from our sister and our niece. It had been over a year since we'd seen Eleonora, and she had grown so much!

She never lacked for attention :)

Cross Country season came around again, and this year Caleb & Andrew were our runners. 

As if anyone was wondering...they both dominated :)

Four sisters. When we're all together, you better watch out :)

Then I got to visit my sister and her family for two weeks. Sarah is the most adorable mama :)

Lots of cuddle time with this little doll.

Home again, and back to normal life in our house :)

In November, Elizabeth ran a half marathon. 
Inspired to do something equally impressive, but not coming up with any ideas, I promptly ate another chocolate. 
I'm a hopeless case...

Gorgeous sisters again. 

A super fun, relaxing visit to our California "cousins" :) If it's possible to watch too many movies, eat too much food, and laugh too often, I did. 

And...definitely the biggest event of this year for me was this. Who would've thought Ultimate Frisbee could change my life so much? :) 

My boyfriend is amazing. Just in case you were wondering :)