March 21, 2012

an update...of sorts

Somehow life keeps getting busier...and the fact that I don't have a camera makes it hard to take pictures :)

Luckily I have my are a few random pictures from the past several weeks. 

I made pancakes. And they were edible.
it was a big day for me...

lots of driving has been happening around here.
this was the one nice day out of the last hundred depressing ones...

also called art

being dragged along on a frog hunting trip
the highlight was when i sat in a puddle

games of monopoly...
that never seem to end

Nerf Wars...they gave me the big sword 
and I still got slaughtered...

drinking homemade chocolate milk
and getting totally addicted

Watching movies together
and arguing over discussing the merits of watching horror movies


Baby calves for the first time!
kind of feels like a farm again

shopping at Claire's
he's my partner in crime


Dr. Suess is awesome
but "Green Eggs & Ham" over and over can and will put you to sleep...

My job as a nanny keeps me busy. 
and ever so tired. 

but we have our drinks to keep us going :) 

And I will end with this...
amazing how one little picture can make me so happy.