June 21, 2012

a boy and his...


Johnny caught his first snake the other day.

And he was so proud. 

June 17, 2012


Pain...it can be so irrational
deep inside where no one sees,
it's like a war, international.
You think it's gone, or at least maybe under control
and then you turn around, it's blowin' up
too late...it explodes.
Now it's like the wounds are tearin' mind and body apart
leaving shrapnel sinking deep
through your skin, to your heart. 
You're left with bleeding scars,
and too much pain...
there's no way you're ever gonna feel the same.
After you've been under sabotage,
to the world you look fine
but you're the only one who knows...
fine is just a mirage.

Blame it on the mask, you're always wearin' it
people see you smile, don't know it's fake
(they're just so unaware of it).
Looks like you're alright and at times it's true
but they don't know at night it all comes back
it's hauntin' you...
but not just when it's dark,
yeah, nearly every time you draw breath
if you close your eyes you realize
what's gone...
and what's left.
Everything you've been trying so long to forget,
no matter how hard you've been fightin'
you give in, and you let
the pain wash over you, just one more time...
you swear tomorrow i'll be stronger
as tears fall from your eyes.

And you see it all, playing like a cinema show...
from the first night he picked you up,
if he had driven a Gallardo
it wouldn't have changed the way that you felt.
Somethin' was there, sparks flew
Cupid had dealt
a fatal blow...aimed that arrow straight to your heart
'cause from that night on,
you didn't want to be apart.

Everything you did, every single moment you had
they play through your mind...
the good and the bad.
Making you feel now like you can't go on alone
'cause when you were together
he made you feel whole.

The happiness you had, now it's coupled with pain
'cause of how much you miss him...
will you feel love again?


father's day

There is no way to be a perfect Father
but a million ways to be a good one. 

Happy Father's day to my amazing dad. 
You have always been there for us, and you've given more than every dad I know.
We love you.