June 25, 2010

twelve fifty two, am


Chaunalee Warner said...

Wow! Is that your bed!!?? It's beautiful!! Mama hung one of those over my bed when we first moved in this house. I was about 12 years old. It was there till us girls had a bunck-bed when we adopted the first time! :) Thank you for commenting on my blog!! :) I love comments for you! How are you doing with your sister gone?

crazycameragirl said...

Oh you changed your canopy color and took your pictures down! It looks so cool with the lighting!

Lydia Jane said...

It is my bed. Thank you! I love canopies, but they never turn out how I want them to!

MaryAnna gave me the white curtain, and I had to put it up =) The pictures were making my room feel so cluttered, so down they came. I love the change...for now at least.

crazycameragirl said...

It looks really nice! :) Your so good at decorating!