December 15, 2010

eleven fifty eight, pm


Photography by Mandy said...

so pretty! love white lights on a tree :)

Ruth said...

Hi Lydia!!! I got your Christmas card today and had to check this out! I think you like taking crooked pictures!!! And I must say that the one of the popcorn with the steam was incredible! It looks like you're having fun with your camera. =)
So, I'm not really into blogging, Facebook, etc., but I'll try to peek in every once and a while. =P This afternoon some of us are going Christmas shopping. I'm getting dropped off to do the grocery part of it. Where is your favorite store to shop at? Right now, I like doing the groceries--especially the bulk section in Winco. (Do you have that up there?) Did you seriously wear tutus to the movie?!!! I wish I could have seen that!

Ok, I'd better go... Merry Christmas!
~ Ruth Cover