December 20, 2010

the best present

Seven years ago today, in the middle of a big city, a small house was bustling with people and excitement. As the hours ticked by, the suspense could be felt in the air, until finally a hush spread through every room and there was a feeling of something miraculous about to take place. And then, a baby boy was born into a pool of warm water, hardly waking up enough to realize what had happened.
Surrounded by the rest of the family, I sat on the bed and watched my brother come into the world.

It was amazing. And although a little sister was what I wanted more than anything, the moment John was born, I knew another little boy was just what we needed.

An adorable baby brother...he was the best Christmas present I had ever received.

I am so blessed by John's constant smiles and hilarious jokes. He keeps me laughing...
all the time.
Happy Birthday Johnny!


crazycameragirl said...

So cute!!! Love the pictures and the way you told the story!

crazycameragirl said...

Tell John I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Lydia Jane said...

I did...thank you Ana!

Cathy Jew said...

Rachel, Steven and I enjoyed your pics Lydia....good job :D. Merry Christmas to you and your family!