December 6, 2010

A Big Surprise

So it was a normal birthday trip to Portland...we had gone shopping, eaten food, and arrived at the hotel ready to relax. But after about half an hour, a surprise walked through the door...

MaryAnna was shocked, to say the least, when she found that friends from California had driven up for the weekend, to celebrate her birthday.

She had no idea

We ate an adorable homemade cake brought all the way from California

and ice-cream, of course

After swimming, we had soup...

while we watched a Christmas movie

The next day, it was off to Powell's City of Books!

After walking through Portland and freezing to death, we warmed up inside Peet's Coffee...

Next stop...Whole Foods!

and then Claire's...

The next day we *tried* to make a music video...ha ha
These pictures are stills from the movies I took, so please excuse the sad picture quality!

These two are really good was hilarious to watch them. All of us behind the camera couldn't stop laughing...because they made these scenes look so real!

On our last night we went to the theater...and of course we had to wear tutus. Well, some of us did.

It was a fantastic, exhausting three days. And it was a birthday we will never forget!


crazycameragirl said...

Loved how you recaped our visit! I finished the movie and have been watching it every chance I get! It's the best movie Amanda and me ever particated in! I can't wait until you girls see it!

Miss You!!!

My name is Kellie said...

I loved seeing MaryAnna's birthday weekend, and seeing all of you girls.. Love you!

Photography by Mandy said...

that was sooo fun! Thanks so much for having us! :) Making the movie was just amazing! I love the sunbeam good!

Love ya!