February 3, 2011

Three days ago...

Three days ago, we celebrated a birthday....
but the excitement began several years ago, on a cold January morning.

A certain young couple had just recently celebrated their first anniversary, and although their baby wasn't due until Valentine's day, she arrived two weeks early. It seemed as though she couldn't wait any longer to join the parents who were waiting to meet her.

And when that 6lb, 7oz bundle of baby softness was first placed in their arms that morning, something deep and strong took root in each of their hearts.

Because on that day, a family was born.


Through the years, Sarah has willingly served our family in countless ways.
From cooking all the meals at a young age, to taking care of whoever was the baby at the time, to constantly organizing the entire house, Sarah was always there...

Until the day she married her beloved husband, and left us to begin a family of her own. And we couldn't have been happier for her.

Happy Birthday, dear Sarah!

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crazycameragirl said...

Really liked the picture at the top! She is so cute!
Happy Birthday Sarah!!!