March 24, 2011

first track meet

Josh ran three races...the long distance races...(800m, 1600m, & 3200m)
I only got pictures of his last one...

Josh won all of his races. All three of his races. By a long shot.

Surprise, surprise...I think I need to find out what supplements he's using...(ha ha)

Dad was there the whole meet. Except for when he came back to the starting line between races (for pre-race pep talks), he stayed at the back stretch, pacing, watching, encouraging, and yelling times as we passed.
It was raining, the wind was strong, and he was the only parent I saw out there.
I know we're lucky.

[talking after the last race]


crazycameragirl said...

Nice action photo's! It looks exciting!

Everly Pleasant said...

Very cool.

Lilla said...

Thank you was exciting! Watching your brother beat everyone...pretty cool.