April 24, 2011

9:45 a.m.

small things that made the day special...

today, since we were too tired to do anything big, we just had a quiet Easter celebration by ourselves.

Have you ever noticed...you don't need very much to make an ordinary day festive for a kid? So glad the boys weren't looking for excitement or perfection...because they weren't going to find it here =)

A few simple decorations, an egg hunt in the afternoon (more on that later), and a special, simple dinner with all of us laughing around the table made it memorable, and we enjoyed having such a restful day.


Amanda May Photography said...

very cute and delicious looking easter party...looks super fun! the colors are great...and I love the dishes...are they new??? SO adorable! Happy Easter....love ya lots!

crazycameragirl said...

You girls decorate amazingly! I really liked how you wrote Happy Easter! Your handing is so pretty! The colors are so bright and cherry, and your pictures are awesome as always!

Lilla said...

Thank you! The dishes are mine...I brought them out to brighten up the table. I was getting desperate for something to decorate...and that's all I could come up with on short notice!
And the handwriting was done by Elizabeth...I know! It's so pretty!