May 1, 2011

day-ly randomness

tonight you should be prepared for some of the most random, boring pictures ever...

if you've read about me, then you should understand my infatuation with small things. It's pretty much all I have to post about these do resign yourself to it.

watching Tangled wasn't how we started the day out, but it's definitely a good way to start the post...

he loved Maximus

new favorite kid movie...seriously, so adorable.

and.....boring library books

...apparently, they're less boring when read upside down.

homemade pineapple muffin. I know. Yummy.

something about random things being small that makes them so cute...

so much of this going on lately...i have no idea how guys understand what to do with a mess of car parts...

i told you this would be random...

yes, we were rollerblading. yes, I'm super slow at it.

her high and mighty-ness...

someone's coins

icy smoothie equals yummy snack


so much of this going on lately, too...I have no idea how girls understand what to do with a mess of fabric scraps.

the queen hideth

a gift from a certain thirteen-year precious.
Who gets brothers like this???


Amanda May Photography said...

1) Tangled ...definitely a good place to start!
2) I want his popcorn
3) and so romantic
4)i am always astounded by the amount of library books you guys get
5) it looks comfortable
6) yum
7) love the color on those lemons
8) cars are difficult....very glad i have brother to fix
9) this is awesome pic....
10) love rollerblading :)
11) so fluffy
12) who doesnt love money
13) want some ;) and patriotic
14) i want to see rings with diamond next time (for real though)
15) they are super depressing!
16) the power of the
17) love the colors...that is so sweet...:)
Great pictures...sorry i commented on everyone...i just felt like being difficult!

love ya

crazycameragirl said...

These were anything but boring!!! I LOVE your random photo's! There always so unique!

Lilla said...

thanks your detailed opinions =)
And thanks Bella...miss you guys!