May 9, 2011

our angel

Twenty-one years ago today, a little boy came into the world too soon.

After laboring through the night, as dawn broke and the baby was born, he was immediately rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Unit, where doctors and nurses worked to stabilize him.

the baby was named Luke, and though he only weighed 1 pound, 14 ounces, he seemed strong, and everyone expected the best.

his father spent endless hours in the hospital, sitting next to the bed of his firstborn son by night, while the baby's mother sat with him by day. Their three little girls were too young to visit, and it was a difficult time, going back and forth between hospital and home.

Day by day, the time passed...and the baby fought to survive. Things looked hopeful, until the baby's one week birthday. He took a turn for the worse.

And they had to say goodbye to their little boy.

The couple held their baby for the first time as he died.



I was born one year later.

I never got to hold my brother Luke, never got to see what color his eyes were, never got to hear his voice.


We will never know why Luke was taken from us. But we will never stop loving him.

Happy Birthday Luke

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