June 5, 2011

a little over two decades...

Exactly twenty-eight years ago today, in a bustling Naval hospital, a young couple were waiting for their second little girl to arrive. Nurses came and went, doctors changed shifts, and the clocks ticked on...until finally, she was there, a little pink bundle in their arms.

with her parents and her adoring big sister, she never wanted for attention, and as if to copy what she saw around her, the baby was often smiling.



The past two decades with Elizabeth as my sister have been amazing. Oh the stories I could tell!!!

She is a true friend, a hilarious actress, a talented cook...and she has a wild imagination. Her theatrical productions were practically legendary, and as a little girl growing up, I was awed by the fantastical stories Elizabeth could make up.

(taken by Mandy)

She is a true blessing to our entire family...what would we do without her!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!


Amanda May Photography said...

So sweet! Such adorable pictures!! Lizzie is such an amazing person! :) Especially like the last three! :) Also..the tutu pic...is so cute..:)

crazycameragirl said...

Wow, Elizabeth can make a tutu look good! I guess I just can't get it right! Love the photo's and your fascinating story!

Everly Pleasant said...

Happy Birthday!!!
:) I love her freckles...I was telling my sisters just today how becoming freckles can be (and thus, complaining that I am without many.)

Great pictures too. I love the one with the baby...she is going to be a beautiful lady just like her mom and aunts!


Lilla said...

Thanks girls! I know...I'm in love with the tutu shot too! And yes, freckles are really cute...Lizzie's the only one of us to be so blessed =)