July 10, 2011

bucket list

I stayed up late one night before my birthday, and wrote my bucket list.
You know...it's all the things you want to do...before you can't.
I'll probably add alot more things to it in the next few years...but for now, I have 38 things to cross off.

Blank ones are blank on purpose. Because they're personal.

1. Gallop through fields on horseback
2. Go to a Photography workshop
3. Pierce my ears a second time
4. See the Northern Lights
5. Be a bridesmaid
6. Get paid to take pictures
7. Ride a motorcycle on the freeway

8. Write a complete story
9. Climb Half Dome again
10. Visit Gettysburg, Boston, Charleston, & Washington D.C.
11. Drive Stick Shift
12. Make Bridal jewelry, for a Bride

13. Film a professional quality music video
15. Fly somewhere alone
16. Milk a cow
17. Go sailing on a boat
19. Protest at Planned Parenthood
20. Watch a Sunrise
22. Photograph a wedding

23. See the real Declaration of Independence
24. Fly in a helicopter
26. Go to Australia
27. Get a nickname to "stick"

29. Go on a long road trip
30. See the Lincoln Memorial
32. Have my own room
33. See a whale

34. Walk in a real castle
35. Go on a Submarine
36. Go ice-skating
37. Swim on a tropical beach
38. Go to Ellis Island and see the Statue of Liberty

And to celebrate turning twenty, I did one thing from this list.
Can you guess what it was?

(pictured: my gifts)


crazycameragirl said...

Did you pierce your ears again or was it celebrating turning twenty birthday???

Amanda May Photography said...

I think you either pierced your ears or road on a motercycle on the freeway!!! :)

looks like you got some adorable dresses!! :) are those both thrift store finds...im very jealous of you guys and your shopping talent!

Lilla said...

Haha...you guys are good. Or maybe I'm just that obvious =)

No, the black dress is definitely not from a thrift-store... =) It was a surprise...and it's the cutest thing ever =) Just what I would have picked...