July 19, 2011

shopping day

Yesterday we had alot of shopping that needed to be done. So the five of us set off for the day!
(yes, shopping takes a whole day when you live 90+ minutes away from everything)

we re-use Odwalla bottles...the perfect size

love this thing

but not this thing...seriously, driving behind a truck of logs...is not very fun.

random pictures of the road...and yes, I have a thing for red mini-coopers

grumpy Trader Joe's people...won't let you take pictures inside...


teeter (quite addictive)

Seaweed Snacks (not so addictive)

amazing lunch

he thought so too =)

taking pictures...while waiting

this song is a little someone's favorite...he will listen to it over and over and over.


in case you can't tell, he's hugging me. So cute...

TRON was playing in Costco...so of course we had to watch it.

some were more into it than others. Others meaning me.

this picture cost me six gummy bears

these little girls were so cute...

these ones too =)

it was busy and tiring, but we had fun. And it was a good day.

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crazycameragirl said...

It looks so scary to drive that big van! Great pictures! =)