August 7, 2011

already eighteen

Josh and I (August 7, 1993)




I cannot believe this guy is already 18...



i have so many years of memories...Josh and I have done so much together.


And now, he is eighteen. Crazy.

Josh is an amazing athlete, drop dead funny, scary strong, and crazy good-looking. But he's also really sensitive and sweet...(I mean, he let me pierce his ear...and how many guys let their sisters do that?)

I have been so lucky to have Josh for my brother. He has always been there for me.
And I know that no matter how many miles are between us, he always will be.

Happy Birthday Josh!


Everly Pleasant said...

Such a sweet post, Lilla.

The 2006 picture reminds me of when we "met"! :)


crazycameragirl said...

Yes, I agree very sweet post! It's fun to see the older photo's you bring out on birthday's. =)

Anonymous said...

you almost made me cry. Thank you for the memories. Sarah

Amanda May Photography said...

Wow...i can't believe it..they grow up so fast !!! Tell him I said Happy Birthday!!! Such cute photos! I love how you post through the years!!! :)

Lilla said...

Thank you girls!! It was kind of a hard birthday, for little brother isn't little anymore :(