August 23, 2011


Life has a way of changing swiftly...moving in directions you didn't think were possible until suddenly you look back and realize just how much has changed since you went around that bend in the road, just how much was hidden from view before you followed the curve.

And although it's exciting never knowing what you'll face and what's coming around the next corner, those sudden obstacles on the road of life are sure to come - and if you're not ready, it'll send you spinning.

All that to say, life's been crazy around here =) I've been spinning a little bit...

Alot has been going on, and in the middle of it all, I have been re-thinking directions I'm taking, obstacles I'm facing, and the roads in my I really haven't been spending time with my camera. Other than snapshots, I've sort of put photography on hold for a season.

(taken on my phone)

Which is why I haven't been posting very much these past few weeks. I have other things I need to focus on.

And so I've thought about ending this blog. I've thought about not posting any more lame pictures that three people might see, I've thought about moving on from this chapter, since the girl I was when I started blogging already has.

But for the sake of the Uncles & Aunts who live so far away, yet want to be a part of our lives, and for the sister who lives even farther away, yet is never far from our thoughts, I will keep posting. Even if I think there's nothing exciting to share...

Life is crazy and yet mostly boring, so posts will be fewer...but I will try to share the highlights when I can =)


crazycameragirl said...

I'm glad your going to keep posting...I so love to see what you all are up to!
I still remember the first photo you posted when you got your was so exciting! The money jar that was empty! It's been so fun to see all your photo's since then!!!
You take great picture's Lydia and I hope you keep going!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much Lydia - I have been checking your blog every day
(more than once...), glad to see more from your perspective.

Everly Pleasant said...

Oh Friend. :)

First of all...I know how you feel. I've thought about "ending" Clickety-Clack so many times when I'm not feeling like Everly Pleasant that day, not feeling like it matters or just not feeling it.

But if these so-called "three people" were sitting in your living room, wouldn't you care to talk and share and entertain together. We are here for a number of reasons, the top two being:

We care about you and DON'T THINK YOUR LIFE IS BORING. I get excited every time you post because it gives me another glimpse into your world. To me, it is priceless!

And 2: Your photography is AMAZING. And I'm not just saying that. It is really pleasing to the eye. I love to see your family and the nature shots you take (it looks like a different planet up there compared to Tejas!) It is a gift, Dear...why would you give up a gift?

So take a break if you'd like, re-organize and re-priortize but don't let your camera get dusty. And don't leave us out, please! I love your blog and your photography and YOU!

Keep it up,

Lilla said...

Thank you so much you sweet girls! Your words mean the world to me!!!