September 21, 2011

to Indiana

A few days ago, after a turbulent flight through the time zones, arriving in Chicago at midnight and spending the next five hours in the airport, I finally reached my sister's cute little home in Indiana.
I am here for two weeks, and I can tell this visit is going to go by very quickly. 

Except for a couple posts I put together before I left, I won't really be posting until I get back home, at which time it'll probably take me a year to catch up on everything. 

But right now, I am with my sister in her own home, for the first time since her wedding.
We are doing exciting things like changing diapers, hanging clothes on the line, getting lost while doing errands, and making chocolate milk. And these everyday things, these little moments, are what mean the most to me. 

I am trying to soak up every second of this time we have together, knowing that soon I will once again be on the other side of the country, and this visit will be just a memory.

So I hope you'll understand if this blog is more quiet than usual :)

Wherever you are, be all there. 
-Jim Elliot


Everly Pleasant said...

This post makes me so happy. :)

Soak it up, Dear. Have a trip full of blessings! I'll be practicing the same (soaking up sister time!) while you're gone.


Lilla said...

Thanks Ev dear! You've been in my thoughts as you prepare to say "goodbye" to Sabrina!