September 15, 2011


My running days are (completely) overand I'm thoroughly glad that chapter has ended for me. It was a great experience, but the nerve-wracking pre-race jitters and the pain of running under pressure...just doesn't ring my bell. If you know what I mean.  

This year, two of my brothers are doing Cross Country, and I'm so proud of them. They are better athletes than I could ever dream of being :)

I got to go to their first meet a few days ago...and it was so fabulous. They both did amazing (as if anyone was wondering...)

It was Andrew's first race ever - and he was a beast. 
(that's a good thing, if you're wondering)

Despite being nervous for his own race, Caleb was the ideal big brother and was there for Andrew.
Giving him tips before the race, yelling advice at the sidelines of the course, and waiting at the finish to tell him how good he did.

And Dad was there as always, giving support, input, and encouragement to both of the runners. 

Then it was Caleb's turn. 

He's the guy that doesn't do any preparation, doesn't run even once over the summer, and hasn't run since cross country ended a year ago. It's not a sport he enjoys.

But then he went out there and dominated. As usual. 

They both won second place in their races. 

 (cooling off together)

(talking about the race)

I'm sure I was the luckiest girl there. I mean, who else has brothers like this???


crazycameragirl said...

That is so cool they both got second, I couldn't even imagine the thrill because I'm sure I'll never be there with this everlasting shape I'm in! That must have been so exciting Tell them both I said CONGRATULATIONS!

Everly Pleasant said...

Very cool. :)


Neva 'Dele said...


We do xc.... It's not my favorite thing to do, but. My older brother, on the oter hand, is {ahem} the best on our team. And one of my little sisters has won a couple of races. I'm a pretty proud sister too. :)

Lilla said...

Ana- I know, it was so exciting they both got second...thanks! And I'm so with you in the out of shape department...

Everly- thanks dear. It was cool :)

Neva- Yay! Another XC runner...and cheers for amazingly athletic siblings :) Makes me feel like i'm not quite so bad myself...haha