September 8, 2011

Yesterday's Arrivals

Our day started out with a very looong drive the the airport =)

We had a couple quick rides on the escalator 

And then Sarah and Eleonora arrived! Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture during the first glances and hugs and exclamations that went around. I was quite shocked myself...

After 15 months, Eleonora has grown so much!!! She was overwhelmed by all the noise and activity in the airport, but instantly she warmed up to Uncle John and wanted to hold his hand. 

Once we got home, we spent the afternoon just hanging out. 

There are so many new people for Eleonora to get used to...

But she's handling all the attention like a pro =)

1 comment:

Everly Pleasant said...

So sweet. :)

(and 15 months? Wow..)