November 14, 2011

bits of happy

just a few shots from our everydays...little bits that make me happy

inspiring words

delicious leftovers
(from someone special)

a favorite earring, lost, and found again

watching Megamind on a rainy day
(with hot cocoa)

letters and a new song

the start of basketball season

breakfast for lunch

my favorite shoes

my VERY own room...for the first time 

vanilla sponge cake

a pink corner on my desk

dressing up just 'cause I was bored

(Operation Christmas Child)

clean laundry

dinner with the cutest couple EVER

a sugar rush

chocolate for fundraising
(and more sugar rushes)

a self-portrait buddy

new tank top

last but not least...getting a turn on the computer in between the 40 other people waiting to use it.

Hope you find happy bits throughout your day!

(note: if you're wondering who the hot Asian in the fifteenth picture is...explanation will come. hahaha)


crazycameragirl said...

I love your black's looks so good on you! So excited to see what you've been up too, and missing you way to much! =/

Everly Pleasant said...

I loved this post!

How'd you get your own room?! You were jealous of mine, weren't you? ;)


Amanda May Photography said...

....loved this post :)
1.that breakfast looks amazing
2. pink pens are super cool
3. love your little black dress

love ya

Lilla said...

Thanks Ana! That dress is a bit..ahem! but what can i say...i was bored :) Still not sure why i put that picture up...
Miss you tons!

Thanks Everly- You guessed it...i was jealous of your room :) haha

Mandy...thank you :) the breakfast was amazing. Love you :)