November 3, 2011

indiana: part 4

the final indiana installment. Sorry if you're going crazy with my obsession with niece-shots and boring tourist views. I promise this is the last of it. For a long time at least =)

Warning: there is an excessive amount of words along with these pictures. It seems I either write nothing, or a whole magazine article. For your own sanity, feel free to skip the words altogether =)

On my last day we had to get up with the sun. Technically, before the sun. And who doesn't like doing that???

(for the record, if any of you happen to be alien-like and do like to get up early, it's cool. But I don't.)

I didn't get any shots of the beautiful indiana countryside. But I should've...

When we finally made it, we quickly found a parking spot in the madness of downtown Chicago and began walking the streets in search of adventure. 

And then...we went to the Hancock Observatory. I liked this ^ sign.

Kiss the sky? Don't mind if I do...

The view from the top was AMAZING. Really. I know they always say this, but the pictures only give you a small idea of how cool it was. 

it was spectacular.

These bottles of juice were being passed out on the street below! The croissant, not so much =)

The city looked soo impressive from that height. And i thought it looked impressive from down below...

Then we walked around for a bit more to work up our appetites =)

She liked to hold my hand while we walked. :Sniff: it's been too long...

reminded me of the vine-covered house in the Madeline books. Loved those when i was little...

My first time to Chipotle! Sarah told me how good it was. And told me how good it was. get the picture. But she was completely right. SO good.  

Then, you guessed it, we walked some more. And Eleonora napped. That girl can sleep through anything. 

this made me laugh. 

As you've seen, it was an absolutely gorgeous day. So lucky...

We stopped at Trader Joe's and ate this goodness as we drove to the airport. A last treat to end the vacation. It was so good, but a pint of ice-cream on top of an already full tummy, combined with pre-flight jitters...not the best idea. But we made it through somehow. 

Goodbyes...I hate them. So I'm going to skip over that part of the day...
But the rest of it was a blast. Sarah and I had so much fun walking our little fannies off...eating more food then was good for us; window shopping downtown, and taking turns fainting at the monstrous prices of everything. Eleonora was a trooper. (but I think I could be a trooper too, if I had someone to pack me on their back.)

Aaanyways...all that to say, it was a wonderful two weeks, and a wonderful way to end it. 


Louisa said...

and it was so wonderful to have you Lydia. Miss you so.

Everly Pleasant said...

And you SMILED. That's my favorite part. ;)

Really-great post series. Your photography is excellent.

Love, Ev'

Lilla said...

Thanks Sarah...miss you too!

Ev- haha...thanks. Lots to smile about when I'm with my sis :)

crazycameragirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS for your first Chipotle! They are amazing! Loved your pictures, Chicago is awesome! We had so much fun when we visited it last year!
I always love your posts with more writing!

Amanda May Photography said...

Super liked this post! I love walking around big cities..something very exciting about it! :) Yah...Chipotle is my favorite..we will have have some when you guys come!

Lilla said...

Thanks Ana! The food was so good :)

Thanks Mandy...I know, big cities are so exciting :)