January 4, 2012

random january thankfulness

There are so many little and big things to be thankful for. Things that are often overlooked, but have made my life so happy.

So I thought I would write this first post in the new year to share with you some of the happy moments I've been enjoying recently. 

waking up to sunshine

holiday dish-washers

a brother who reads better than i do 

spilling hot chocolate...and realizing it made a heart

making dinner...and not ruining it :)

holiday baking


lazy mornings playing games

simple yet amazing lunches

stories on my bed
(we love The Magic School Bus)

onions doing what no one else can...(making me cry)

the most exquisite christmas gift 
(from a certain someone)

self-portrait buddies

having so much to write about...


Anonymous said...

oh thank you for the pictures! Be careful about your journal pics...unless you mean for us to try and make out what you are writing :) Sarah

Anabelle said...

Hope the rest of your year is amazing as well! Your so funny, I so enjoyed your onion comment! =)

Everly Pleasant said...

Loved this. :)

Lydia said...

Sarah- haha...thanks for the warning ;) i had thought about that, but doubted if anyone would be able to make out my writing. That was something i wrote two months ago...and its not too personal ;)

Anabelle - thanks! Hope you have an amazing year too :) And yes, onions bring tears to my eyes...:sniff: It is no laughing matter. ;)

Everly - thanks dear :)