February 15, 2012

Blue Valentine

Roses are red, but you know what is blue?
Well babe, you should know...because it's from you.
Strung on a chain that's hugging my neck
Sometimes i reach up 'cause i just have to check
to make sure  it's there, that it's not just a dream
When i feel it, my heart flips...do you know what this means?

This tiny blue heart is priceless to me
but not for it's face value, or rarity
i love it simply because it's from you
That fact means much more, you know that it's true.
It's not every day you get gifts of this kind
it means the world babe, just to know that you're mine.

It's a symbol of love i keep close to my heart,
this necklace and i are never apart.
And just like this neckace is always right here
babe, i just wish that you always were near...
But even when we cannot be side by side,
you should know that you never are far from my mind. 

When i miss you so much that i think i can't breathe
i reach for my necklace, it's all that i need
 to remind me again that nothing has changed,
like this gemstone, your love isn't going to fade.
So i feel like the luckiest girl that's alive
because you gave me...
this blue valentine. 

(written to Rey)  

1 comment:

Anabelle said...

Such a pretty poem! =D You're a natural!