April 11, 2012


Yesterday it was sunny, and felt like Summer might be here.
              Today it rained. And rained. And rained.

Yesterday i went for a barefoot walk. 2 miles over dirt, gravel, and asphalt.
         Today i wore socks and shoes on my bruised and blistered feet.
And didn't take them off. 

Yesterday i slept in 'til 9:30.
    Today i climbed out of my warm bed at 6.

Yesterday i bought a camera.
 Today i bought farm-fresh eggs.

Yesterday i drove on the freeway.
  Today i took winding country backroads.

Yesterday i served burritos for dinner.
  Today i warmed up macaroni for lunch.

Yesterday i felt alone.
     Today a friendship made everything worlds better.

Yesterday i put on an anklet.
   Today 'my little girl' called it a Footlet.

Yesterday my life was a mess.
 Today the floor was a mess.

Yesterday i drew a breath and stayed above the current.
  Today i drew a butterfly for her to color.

Yesterday i had ice-cream for a snack.
  Today i ate pear and tangerine.

Yesterday my life felt like a puzzle i didn't have all the pieces to.
 Today i helped a real puzzle come together.

Yesterday i wore a black shirt, to match my mood.
  Today i wore Minnie Mouse 'cause it's her favorite.

Yesterday my theme song was "Hold On" (Michael Buble).
  Today i listened to "Firework" (Katy Perry). Over and over.

Yesterday fairytales were far from my mind.
 Today playtime had a happily ever after.

Yesterday i poured out my heart on paper. 
  Today i poured milk into sippy cups.

Yesterday i decided promises can be hard to keep.
Today i realized hard doesn't mean impossible.

And tomorrow's still coming. 


Everly Pleasant said...

Love this. Keep it up.


Lydia said...

thanks Ev.

So much.

Amanda Janik Photography said...

i really loved this post Lily :) love ya

Anabelle said...

That was so poetic Lydia, I miss you.

Lydia said...

Thanks Mandy and Ana...miss you too :)