August 2, 2012

summer #2

Cherries :)

shooting BB guns with Johnny

I made quesadillas

A visit from Liz

Driving her VW bug

random sister pictures

Celebrating National Day of Ice-Cream.

Nothing quite like a toddler sleeping in your arms :)

Getting my nails done.

He's almost better than I am.

Random trips to Walmart. So much fun. 

Love her. 

Hot cocoa. With Tim Hawkins. 

And ice-cream. Of course.

Dress up. For no reason :)

Shopping for sunglasses.


And going rollerblading.

Games in the parking lot 'cause we got there early :)

Love these guys.

Camping out in the attic. 
We seriously have so much fun together.

Blackberry ice-cream. Current favorite.

Caleb is amazing.

Movie night with Josh and Julie. 
They supplied the chocolate :)

I wrote on one arm, Andrew on the other. 
Can you guess which is which?

I made chicken pizza.

And it turned out pretty good. Yay me! :)

I don't usually do this...but they had a sale. ;)

A cookie at work. It was heavenly.

Another visit from Liz!

More random sister-ness.

Love this doula. 

Been doing lots of driving.
And thinking :)

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Bella said...

Nothing like Summertime. =D