September 14, 2012

summer snapshots

More random shots, the last ones from this Summer. 
Be prepared for pictures of's kind of an obsession of mine. ;)

Home alone with Andrew and John. 
Time for some cleaning and loud music. :)

Swimming dates with Johnny. 
And snacks afterward. Because we like food around here. 

Gorgeous skies.


A night out on the Trampoline. Movies, ice-cream, and...rain. 
We still had a blast. :)

My kids at work. Keeping me on my toes.

Girls' night at a hotel.

Fuel for long talks.

The 3 of us.
Such a good trip.

Becoming quite the hard-core athlete.

Fajitas. Made by MaryAnna, of course.

Driving him to XC practice. 
Seems like yesterday I was the one being dropped off to run.

Sewing with MaryAnna.
This is the best way to do it :)

A little brother doodled. On my foot.
Such a cool design. 

"We love dessert...we're just too tired to act excited."

A birthday breakfast.

How many brothers take their sister out for ice-cream? 
Mine does. 


Deep cleaning and crazy dress-up. 
Never a dull moment with Josh & Julie. :)


The cook outdid herself.

Lazy nights, just chillin'. 

love this stuff.

Frozen yogurt, at a wedding, with Julie. 
She makes any situation fun. :)

A certain amazing photo-shoot. :)

Another birthday breakfast.

A peach creation. 

Cobbler, with blackberries from our property? And vanilla ice-cream?
I think yes. 

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Julieboo said...

Love, love, loved this! :)