May 10, 2010

three o'clock, pm - Empty

First picture taken on my camera. =)


crazycameragirl said...

It's so clear and it makes the wood look like such a pretty color! I like how you showed the jar empty and it's so cool that it's your first picture! Knowing that was your first picture is getting really depressing over here!!!

Can't wait to see your next one tomorrow!!!


Oh, and by the way your blog is really cool! It's perfect!

Laughter Good 4 Medicine said...

me likes!!! :) i love the it!!!

Cant wait to see more!

Love ya, Mandy

Lydia Jane said...

Thank you girls! I'm so glad you like it...

Chaunalee Warner said...

Wow! No other camera would do that! LOL! That's great!!