May 11, 2010

ten twenty nine, am


crazycameragirl said...

This is amazingly pretty!!! I don't think I have ever seen a pictures of a dandelion so detailed like this one is! I love it...and the pretty green in the background just makes it pop right of the blog page! It's hard to believe you have only had like 2 days with your camera!

Simply amazing!!!


Oh you just changed the picture! I like this one a lot too! It's even more detailed then the last! I LOVE how through the lens of a camera you can see what you wouldn't normally see! I wouldn't go look at a dandelion carefully like this I would just blow all the white stuff of it without seeing how pretty is its! It just goes to show you how creative photographers are! Well, sorry for a boring sermon but I think it was really cool and that your really good at it!

Lydia Jane said...

Thank you Bella! I'm having so much fun...