March 26, 2011

7 things

I was tagged! My friend Everly, from the darling blog Clickety Clack, was so kind to pass along the Stylish Blogger Award, and with it the task of sharing seven random and little known facts about myself.

I jotted down these really random facts in bed the other night, but as you can see, it took me awhile to get it posted.
What with school, the track meet, and regular craziness at our house...well, you know how it is!
Hopefully this won't bore you to tears or scare you away from my blog forever...

When I was 16, I had never dyed my hair. Not even once.
Then, I dyed it six times in three years, a new color each time.
yeah, I had a hard time deciding...

When I flew overseas as a twelve year old, I had never been on an airplane and thought it would be a luxurious event. I believed the main floor, with the seats all in rows, would also have a grand staircase (think Titanic) leading up to a second floor, which would have plush couches, crystal chandeliers, and everyone lounging about. I wore slip on shoes so I could walk around in my socks, and brought velvet pajamas to change into once we were in the air, because I figuredeveryone would change into comfortable clothes. right...
Let's just say I didn't find the grand staircase...and I sat in that stiff seat for the whole twelve hour flight. What kind of fake airplane was I on, anyway?

I love costumes and dress up and pretending. Possibly even more than when I was little.

I love moving. If the furniture in my room goes unchanged for three months
or we stay in a house for more than two years, I get the moving fever...
maybe because we moved eight times before I turned 15

I have always wanted to have a broken arm...or even better, a broken leg. I just thought it would be so exciting, like in the movies...but, alas! I've never been to the hospital. In my life. Now that I'm so mature, I don't mind. As much.

I wish I was really short and had silky hair. Instead, I am...tall-ish, and my hair is quite puffy, giving me the silhouette of a dandelion gone to seed. How lovely.

I hate sad movies, but I have never cried while watching one. Some girls I am
biologically close to cry if the movie is even slightly sad. I think it's hilarious...
Just a warning though...if you cry at the end of Toy Story 3 or My Sister's Keeper, I will laugh. At you.

And now I get to pass the award along to these stylish bloggers:


crazycameragirl said...

I enjoyed reading this very much...your amazing Lydia!

Chaunalee said...

I loved reading this!! It's great!! How neat! :)

Amanda May Photography said...

You are an amazing person! I am super blessed to know you! One day will cry in a movie...Ana and I are determined!! ( and then we will laugh at you)