March 27, 2011

afternoon out

Today the girls and I got to spend the whole afternoon out...away from the and such. Eight hours of just us girls...the afternoon involved alot of music, driving through pouring rain, nonstop talking, and of course, consumption of ice-cream. How could we do without it?

my view

rain on my window

you can't quite see it, but the rain was pouring...

almost there...

the plan

hours pass like moments here!


ingredients for jewelry

art...a bottle


music...who knew it could be on for so long?

semi-profile two

a break from the downpour


Coconut ice-cream, for the adventurous...

...and regular ice-cream for the rest of us.


Chaunalee said...

Wow!! I am so glad you had a fun day out!! Looked like you had a blast!! Wow! That is a pink car! lol!! I love your jewelry ingerdients!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!! :D

Lauren said...

I love doing sister activities! And the rain yesterday was, as usual, lovely! (-: Thanks for the tag!

crazycameragirl said...

Looks so much fun...and I love the pictures you got! Especially the shoe photo!

Amanda May Photography said...

...oh I am so excited to see your creations!!! :) We need to go to shipwrecked again..that was so fun!! Don't you just love music on long good! I will do your tag...just super busy right now!
Love ya lots,

Lilla said...

Thank you girls...your comments mean so much =)

Yes, it was so much fun, despite the rain. Music is essential on girl trips =)