March 30, 2011

some news...

We've been so busy since Jerod got here yesterday. But anyways, alot
has been going on...this afternoon, he asked Elizabeth something...

...the pictures will tell it better than I can =)

Yes, Jerod proposed, and Elizabeth said yes! I am so excited for my sister!
They have been courting the past 5 1/2 months, but wanted it kept secret.
Well, the secret's out now!

Jerod's not really the kind of guy I expected for Lizzie...but if she loves him, that's all that matters. I'll have to get some pictures that actually show his face for those of you who don't know him...these pictures were all I got.

Of course, I wanted to take alot more, but they were heading out to Portland for the evening...and didn't want to pose for an excited sister =)

Anyways, on top of that, MaryAnna's in Scotland right was totally last minute. Some really crazy things happened this month that made it possible, and it had to be secret until now. I can't go into time now.
Speaking of food...I had no idea how long it took to make all the meals! My brothers eat a ton! Now that MaryAnna is away, I really appreciate all the work she did...'cause I'm having to do it myself =)

Not cool.

(Edit: April Fool's Joke...)


crazycameragirl said...

WOW, THAT IS SOOOOO EXCITING! Tell Elizabeth I'm so HAPPY and EXCITED for her and CONGRATULATIONS! I have been dying to know all of last night and this morning what was going on!!! AMAZING photo's Lydia!

Amanda May Photography said...

WOW! Congrads Lizzie!!.. :) So happy for her! Great photos....I have so many questions...:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,

Just went to your blog and found out the news about Elizabeth - how fabulous is that!! When does she plan to marry?

So, MaryAnna is in Scotland. Wow - who with and how long?

Note: we can't keep up with you guys - so much going on!!

Love, Aunt Pat

Anonymous said...


I know, she may be super busy and if she doesn't have time, it's okay. But tell her if she does have time (and wants to) to please call me and tell me what her little sly self has been up to! ;) Congratulations on yet another wedding in the family!

Everly Pleasant said...

Poor Joshua!!!!