March 31, 2011

pics from Scotland!

So, apparently, MaryAnna was going to Scotland, to meet someone there...unknown to us,
but now I understand why she was so excited.
Today she sent us some pictures...yeah, wedding pictures.
I guess they eloped...which is...interesting.
The pictures don't even show the guy she I'm sure you noticed...she mentioned something in the email about wanting us to meet him in person first...what?

Totally not how we wanted things to happen...but...

(Edit: April Fool's Joke...)


Amanda May Photography said...

this was a good april fools :)

crazycameragirl said...

Wow, I'm SHOCKED that she was able to find a photographer so fast for her elopement! And a good one at that! I didn't know Scotland had such amazing photographers...and such pretty green fields! Wow, I guess a lot of things are going to change!