April 1, 2011

happy april fool's day!

So...we've gotten some emails of congratulations...and others of, well, other feelings,
and I thought I'd better set the record straight.
Yes, the past three posts were for April Fool's day.
It was all a joke...there was no secret courtship, no sudden engagement, and definitely no elopement to Scotland.

No, fortunately for me, Elizabeth and MaryAnna are still single, and I am not the only girl at home.

I hope no one's feelings were hurt by the joke! We just thought it would be funny...
I knew MaryAnna's wedding pictures would be too much to believe...but I didn't think so many of you would think Elizabeth had really gotten engaged!

Maybe you didn't...and were just going along with our ridiculous tale to tease us.
Either way...we had alot of fun taking the pictures, and hope, at the least, you got a laugh.


Amanda May Photography said...

i kept telling Ana....that Jerod looked way to like Joshua!... :) GOOD JOB!...when you didn't answer my emails..we began to get suspcious..last night Ana told me she thought it was all april fools...and I was like...you not suppose to play april fools days before...you know I am never going to believe you guys again!!! :) Good pictures! Ana is much sharper..she noticed the ring was on the wrong finger...LOL

crazycameragirl said...

This morning I started thinking the whole things was a hoax! Elizabeths story really had me going for awhile though! That was an awesome prank Lydia...I was going insane trying to figure it all out!

Everly Pleasant said...

Nicely done! For as long as I've "known" you, you've been playing jokes. :P I hadn't been to your blog in several days, so I hadn't seen those posts, but if I had, I think I would have bought the first one and questioned the second "real hard." Haha...very funny. I wish I had done something clever for April Fool's Day.


Lilla said...

So glad you guys got a laugh out of it... =)