June 22, 2011

off to the beach!

After three full days of shooting countless scenes, we had finally finished filming our movie, and we were ready for something fun to break the routine.
So we got up early on Thursday and left to spend a day at the beach! We figured we deserved a reward after all our hard work... =)

The two hour drive was so much fun...amazing what loud music and good company can do to make the miles fly by!

the boys got right in the water...

while we girls spent some time taking pictures...

and writing in the sand...

Be Happy

Where the Magic Begins

I'm so creative =)

It was probably the most fun I've ever had at the beach...the weather was perfect, the crowds were absent, the snacks were dreamy, and with the five of us girls and two younger boys...it couldn't have been better a better group.

On the way home, we ate Tillamook ice-cream. The absolute perfect ending to an amazing day at the beach.

(pictures of me taken by Mandy)


crazycameragirl said...

That was and amazing day, I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself more at the beach...I still have my souvenir!!! And there really was no better way to end the day then with Tillamook ice-cream!!! Miss you all the more! And wishing I could do it again even if it does mean another sun tan!

Everly Pleasant said...

I love this post. I love the beach and family and friends. The sand at "our" beach is never so smooth! That's amazing...

Looks like fun. :)


Lilla said...

Ana, I know! That was an amazingly fun trip! Sunburns and all =)

Everly, isn't the beach so fun?! Yeah, the sand is really smooth - I hadn't noticed it before!