June 23, 2011

random country drive

Back at the beginning of our visit, after a long day of shooting scenes, the
four of us girls took an evening to drive around the countryside and just chill out away from everyone else. Doing random things at the last minute is always so fun...

We found an empty field, and despite the chill in the air, we pretended it was summer and that we really weren't cold.

Funny things kept happening and we couldn't help laughing...it's pretty much non-stop hilarity when the four of us are together =)

After driving around some more, we stumbled on the church Sarah was married at, so we just had to stop and take a few shots.

Then we headed to the store and bought ice-cream, and we drove home with more than just dessert for the next six nights. We had many pictures, and the memories of a fun evening we went on a random country drive.

pictures taken by Mandy and myself


Everly Pleasant said...

Oh my goodness, what cute girls, cute dresses, cute church, cute pictures!


Lilla said...

Thanks Everly! I know...those dresses are so cute! So fun sharing clothes with friends...