June 25, 2011

one last adventure

On the last day of our jam-packed visit, we decided to head to Seattle for a new adventure, and we dragged Elizabeth along with us.

Of course we had to relive our first ever trip to Seattle, so we dressed in the craziest things we could come up with in 30 minutes.

Anabelle and I dressed as young Moms...which is waaay more awkward than it sounds. Here she is with her "baby".

And Amanda, MaryAnna, and Elizabeth dressed as...crazy little girls. I'm not sure what else to call it...

We snapped a few shots of our adorable matching socks, and we were off!

The drive was hilarious...we were in crazy moods, had music on loud, and we were waving to guys...a couple even waved back.

Our first stop was Pike's Place Market...soo many people there and lots of cool things to look at.

And yes, people thought she was holding a real baby. "That baby must be brand new!", "How old is she?" and "Congratulations!" were things we heard as we walked.

Here are the three crazies.

And us mature ones. =)
And yeah, I was supposed to look pregnant...but didn't notice that I'd made the tummy too small and now I'm realizing...I just looked like I was having a weight problem. No wonder I didn't get any comments like the others...

It was a horrible feeling...being pregnant. So fat and wide. I was constantly soo relieved that it was completely fake, and taking off that fat suit was one of the best feelings ever.

Then we stopped at Whole Foods and picked up dinner, and dashed off to the theater. It was time to relive one of our most special and embarrassing traditions.

Tutus to the theater.

And that was the end of a momentous, crazy, wonderful visit. And we are already looking forward to the next one...


Amanda May Photography said...

that biker dude was so crazy! :)

love our traditions..love and miss you guys so much! :(

...next..one ..i think yes!

Lilla said...

Thanks Mandy! We miss you so!

crazycameragirl said...

Wow...you really got a great picture of that biker dude! LOVE IT! Wow I look a lot crazy in that tutu than I felt...I must be getting to comfortable with it!

Lilla said...

I know! So great that we have a good picture of him...I can put it next to my bed =)
And you don't look crazy in your tutu...just adorable! I know...after the Seattle costumes, the tutus felt so comfortable!