June 23, 2011

Henna and Mt. St. Helens

The day after our beach trip, us four girls made an afternoon trip to see Mt. St. Helens. We had a super fun drive, with loud music and good food and, of course, each other to make it fun.

When we got there we took some pictures...(of course)

....walked around the center...

and watched the 15 minute movie called "Message from the Mountain"

Then we hiked for a few minutes...

...and left, driving down the winding roads as we ate pizza and laughed and sang. As majestic as the mountain is, we decided it was all a bit ridiculous. We were not impressed with the center and what it cost to get in. It seemed like a big hype...over a mountain.
But we had fun anyway =)

And now for the more exciting part of this post...
The next night, we girls closed the bathroom door behind us and for the next two hours that little room became filled with giggles and shrieks and songs as we did henna tattoos.

We've done this once before...don't worry, the tattoos are temporary. Like really, they're gone after six days.

It was so much fun.

that's an inside joke =)

all for now! Check back tomorrow for shots of some crazy traditions!


Amanda May Photography said...

Love these photos! :) So much fun! I have been so busy this week I have had no time to deal or look at pictures..so loverly to just get a recap on your blog...:)

Especially like the FOOL...ana's been working so hard on it :)

totally on the same wave link about mt. saint helens!

Lilla said...

Haha!!! Mt. Saint Helens!!! Good memories =)

crazycameragirl said...

I haven't seen many pictures from the trip yet either so it's lots of fun to look at your blog! Thanks for posting all these!

Lilla said...

Thanks Ana! Missing you!!!