July 15, 2011


There was much to be done this-morning...it was deep cleaning day, as we all got ready for Dad's return from a week long business trip.

There was endless work to be done outside, and the four boys headed out to tackle it.
That's why I was window-shooting. You haven't heard of it? It's kind of like window-shopping...only different.

Maybe you're suddenly thinking that window-shooting means my normal sketchy shots, just with an added glare and fuzzier-than-normal subjects...

But the one positive about window-shooting is that you can take pictures of people...without them knowing it.

You should have seen me, running from window to window, trying to spot someone and click the shutter before they got out of eyesight...

Yes, there was work going on inside the house as well. Not to pat myself on the back, but I for one did my fair share of sweeping today.

And there was pizza being made, and laundry being washed, and a bathroom being cleaned...and the list goes on. But honestly, outside work is so much more fun to photograph...and the boys are so much cuter too =)

If you're wondering why I didn't just go outside to get better shots...well I did.

But people in my family don't take kindly to having their pictures taken...some ignore it pretty well, while others, well, they start to do strange things when they see the camera pointed towards them.

Like sticking out their tongues.

Told you.

So I went back to window-shooting.

Ah, well...it was a good day's work. Three cheers for getting it done!!!

And in other news, yes, you all guessed what I did to celebrate my milestone birthday.

One week ago today, I locked the bathroom door behind me, armed with three needles, half a potato, my iPod, and alot of alcohol. It really helped distract me from the pain...the iPod did, not the alcohol =)
And I came out forty-five minutes later with some new holes in my ears. Number 3 on my Bucket List, complete!


crazycameragirl said...

What can I say but that you are SO BRAVE!!!

Lilla said...

thank you Ana!!! I'm so glad it's done!