September 4, 2011

monday random-ness

I love random things. Random trips, random songs, random food...and I think it's only right that I do some random posts every once in a while =)

Like right now.

So here are some recent random moments I captured on my phone...

eating the first watermelon of the summer
(please don't tell me Summer's's barely arrived here in this wetland...)

Getting...something....done to my feet. Not exactly sure what...

Playing hide-n-seek with this little monkey

Seeing these two together All.The.Time.

Eating smoothies that rival Jamba Juice (or whatever your local smoothie chain is called =)
Seriously, these smoothies couldn't get much better.

Trying to take a self portrait...haha. But John's face here is just too cute.

Getting ready for two very important guests to arrive...

And counting down the days until they come.
(we can't wait!!!)

Crossing something off my bucket ride a boat. I barely got any pictures 'cause most of the time, I was being pulled on an inner-tube. And it doesn't get much wetter than that =)

Eating my (current) favorite ice-cream after a long day of shopping.
When you've been stuck in a hot car all day, in and out of stores buying cereal and cheese and noodles, there's no better way to relax then to get on the freeway, turn the music up loud, and eat ice-cream all the way home.

Hope you all are finding random happiness today!


crazycameragirl said...

What would we do without randomness??? Totally love this post!

Lilla said...

Thanks Ana! I feel the same way :) About randomness, that is :)

Everly Pleasant said...

YAY YAY YAY to two special guests! So happy for you!

And I love the icecream, music, car ride thing. :)


Amanda May Photography said...

looks like your normal randomness is completely awesomeness :) Tubing is so fun..and it looks like it was a beautiful summer day!

i'd go for a car ride with you anytime ;)

Lilla said...

Thanks Everly & Mandy!