November 30, 2011

happy 24th!

today is my sister's 24th birthday. 
Makes me feel kinda old. 

June 1996

Hard to believe this wasn't that long ago...I was the flower girl who was too scared to walk down the aisle. So MaryAnna became the impromptu flower-girl escort. Totally saved the day :)

September 2009

MaryAnna is an amazing sister and wonderful friend. We've shared so many memories through the years and I can always count on her...she's an amazing cook, a talented seamstress, and she's also just really gorgeous.
I'm lucky to be her sister. 

April 2009

February 2010

I just know any day now some lucky guy is gonna steal her away from us. And I'm going to have to figure out how to boil water...let's just say when I cook there's no need to worry about gaining weight :)

August 2010

Oh the stories I could tell you about MaryAnna! It seems like anything she touches turns out amazing. Whether it's quilts, sourdough bread, or historical novels she writes herself...she's pretty inspiring.

Happy Birthday MaryAnna! Love you!

for a few more pictures, you can see last year's birthday post here


crazycameragirl said...

Happy Birthday MarryAnna! I couldn't agree are most amazing! Can't wait to see you both.
(and by the way Lydia, your so funny with your cooking comments)

Lydia said...

Thanks Ana...she is pretty fantastic :)