December 3, 2011

7:18 p.m.

just a quiet little celebration the other night...

the decorating team

chocolate muffins

and the presents begin :)

this guy had been planning his present for months

ohh, the suspense...look at his face :)

i'm not sure who's more excited :)

he put so much time into sewing a quilt for her...pretty adorable.

she got alot of jewelry...someone over here is having jealousy issues right now. 
not saying it's me. 
just saying :)

a handmade candle 
(made by a certain artistic brother)

not to mention any names...

if this was turquoise, i might've had to steal it. 

see what i was saying about the jewelry???

that book isn't going to take her long :)

my sisters are gorgeous. 
I love stating the obvious :)

Happy, happy Birthday MaryAnna! Love you :)


Amanda Janik Photography said...

Looks like such a happy time :) Yah! Wow...she did get a lot of jewelry :) john is so sweet he made her a quilt! I agree with your obvious statement ...and I love agreeing with the obvious...all the Rose sisters are gorgeous.

Everly Pleasant said...

Y'all throw such cute parties! And you're right...they are gorgeous! :)

crazycameragirl said...

Don't know if I can top the last two comments! You girls are you to pretty!