December 6, 2011


this is a very random post. I'm completely overwhelmed with life right this is gonna be short. 

But there are so many small things to be happy about right now...

hot chocolate and writing

a bright spot on my window

a blue bottle and the drink that was in it

amazing food. every single day

an adorable brother

leftovers from thanksgiving

a trip to the bead store

sourdough starter, and the sister who makes it

a little brother's science experiment

an inspiring sister

muffins that actually turned out, even though i made them

an adorable friend arriving in the mailbox

my first coffee, and the someone who bought it

sisters who sew

a new addiction (just kidding.)

and when i thought life couldn't get any crazier, it did. 

But this time, it's a good crazy. 

Because recently, i have something big to be happy about.
Very happy about. 

:) :) :)


Amanda Janik Photography said...

love your random posts!! So inspiring...HONESTLY!

1) SO glad you had coffee...did you like it? I am very into coffee right now! I have been learning the art of making it!
2) That quilt is AMAZING..who..major jealous of the amount of talent
3) That science experiment looks yummy almost!
4) Sour dough started...means that you both are very close to CA!

love ya

crazycameragirl said...

Mom is overly excited about the sourdough starter! =)
I didn't know you've never had coffee. But that's pretty awesome! Congrats!
Last cute!!!
Can't wait for you to be here!