July 29, 2012

a question

How will you know when a guy's right for you...
by his job, or his car, or the size of his shoes?
Of course that's just crazy, you really won't care
what his favorite food is or the shade of his hair. 
But then...what does matter? How will you know?
One thing I'm sure of, it's more than what shows.
There has to be something that's deep, strong, and real;
Good looks and attraction just aren't the whole deal.

It takes a lot more than a good looking guy
who's tall and handsome, and catches your eye.
He'll walk in the room and you only see him...
Suddenly everything else becomes dim.

Your heart gives a flutter, you wish you were brave...
but then he comes toward you, like parting the waves
of the people around you, then as if on command
he stops. He smiles, and he holds out his hand.

Your mind says "Don't hope, it's too good to be true,
why would someone like him like someone like you?"
But could this be the guy that you've dreamed about...
who'll replace all your fears and exchange all your doubts?
Will he prove that true love really does still exist?
It's risky, but you never know what you might miss.

Short weeks go by...and the road that they take
make you soon realize it was just a mistake.
Once again all your dreams have been shattered, like glass
but this time at least, you didn't fall quite so fast.
It feels like you're numb, like your heart has grown cold
'cause the pain just feels dull, like wounds that are old.

And the fact that you still have old scars with this pain
makes you think you're too jaded to try it again.
But it wasn't his fault that he wasn't for you
it's just over. He's moved on to something that's new.
You know that the two of you weren't meant to be
There was no connection, you lacked chemistry.

You can't judge all guys by the handful you've met
But you wonder..."Why hasn't the right one come yet?"
If he did, could you be brave and let your heart go...
if he was your prince, how would you know?

So maybe you're meant to be single and free,
independent, unfettered...is this your destiny?


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