August 15, 2012

to the beach

9 of us. In one car. The day was off to a good start. :)


The beach was much colder than we expected...

Looks like a good time to get some reading done.

They were making everyone laugh :)

A little climber. 

And these two right here???

They're so much fun. 

And so photogenic. :)

I was really glad I got to snap a few pictures.
One of my favorite parts of the day. :)

It was really, really cold. 
The girls were being little pink pebbles, in a effort to stay warm.

Snack time. :)

We're going to miss this.

Pushup competitions...

it got pretty intense.

Johnny has some amazing muscles!

And Andrew has...some amazing arms. 

Sisters and friends.

8 of 10. So far. 

It was a little insane with how cold it was, 
but how could we go to the beach and not get wet?

"Sometimes, right in the middle of everyday life, 
love gives you a fairytale."

Dinner on the way home.

Everyone slept on the way home. 
Playing at the beach is exhausting.

And it took a while to wake up. :)

We all agreed that despite the miserable weather, it was our best beach trip yet. We had so much fun.
Amazing how the other things don't really matter, 
when you're with the right people.


Bella said...

1. Somebodies hand writing is rather depressing.
2. John with muscles was pretty funny. =D
3. And the pink pebbles were adorable.
4. Did you guys build that amazing fort?

Lydia said...

1. Not as depressing as yours! Thank you though :)
2. I thought so too. He's put on some real muscle-weight recently. ;)
3. They sure were!
4. Yep, the boys built that. It was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

oh my. you made me nearly cry again. I miss you all soo much. though you wouldn't have missed me at the beach. I would have kept my jeans and coat on :)
thanks Lydia for the pictures.