August 24, 2012

two birthdays

We had a birthday at the beginning of August, and there's another coming up next week. 
For two amazing guys. 

I didn't overlook posting about them, but life has been increasingly crazy and every moment has been full.
And when you get to be our ages, trivial things like birthday blog posts don't matter much. 

Its everything else that makes what we have so strong.

Josh is 19. Caleb, soon to be 17. 
They have become such amazing guys. 
But it would take a whole 'nother post to tell all their qualities.

They've really been there for me...with brotherly protection, the best humor, 
and advice when I needed it most.

I couldn't be a prouder or luckier sister to consider them 
two of my closest friends.

Happy Birthday Guys. 


Bella said...

Life would be so sad and dull without siblings. Happy Birthday to them both. =D

Lydia said...

So true! Thanks Bella. :)